Years 3 & 4 Sycamores

Welcome to Sycamores!

Sycamore class is where you’ll find an enthusiastic and creative bunch of children in years three and four.

Along with our hard work, positive attitudes and growing independence, we take pride in our work and always put in 100% effort in all areas of the curriculum. We are a friendly, creative bunch and enjoy sharing our success and helping other people. We are keen to talk about our learning and eager to ask questions to gain a better understanding of our wonderful world.

Mrs Hawling and Mrs Minifie are our class teachers while Sophie Summerhayes works in our classroom to support our learning. We also have a student teacher, Miss Halloway, working with us for the summer term. Mrs Fraser teaches Sycamores on a Friday morning.

As well as our core learning, we enjoy Computing on a Monday afternoon, P.E lessons on a Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning with Coach Ben and we like to get messy with art on a Friday. We look forward to welcoming you!


English is such an important part of our day. We love to read inspiring texts and use these to develop our writing skills over a series of weeks. We often start our learning with a ‘Hook’ which really excites and engages us in our learning. Each day we use innovative and fun methods to help us learn our spellings as well as concentrating on perfecting our handwriting.
Medium Term Plan

We love maths in Sycamores and are becoming accomplished mathematicians. As a result of practical maths opportunities, we can apply our learning to solve problems and create our own investigations. We like to use a variety of learning styles to help us to understand tricky mathematical concepts. Children work hard to explain their thinking and show understanding in a variety of ways. We study four main areas of maths over each term; number sense, additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning and geometric reasoning.