Remembrance Day 2019

Bearnes Primary school were in the spotlight last week after being interviewed by Janet Kipling from Radio Devon.  The pupils are concerned about the plastic pollution across our planet and are avid followers of Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg.  The upper school have been learning about the impact that plastic pollution is having globally and it struck them that the poppies on sale in the school contained such plastics.  Great supporters of the Royal British Legion and the fantastic work the charity does, the school became a  hive of industry making their own poppies to sell from biodegradable materials, paper, card and paper straws.  They even commissioned one of their lovely volunteer helpers to make  knitted poppies that sold like hot cakes! 
Jack in Y5 said "At Bearnes we are concerned about plastic pollution around the planet.  We are focussing on Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and we noticed that the Royal British Legion poppies were made from plastic, so we all decided to make our own eco-poppies to sell for the charity".
Alana in Y6 said "We made poppies out of paper and cardboard because we are worried about single use plastic getting into the ocean, where sealife and birds eat it, and then die suffering"
Jenny Fraser, Teaching Assistant said "It seems we have made more money for the charity this year than ever before without it being harmful to our environment.  The Royal British Legion do such an amazing job and we felt that we needed to contribute in a way that met the feelings of our young pupils.  They are all so passionate about caring for their environment and their futures.  Watch this space for more news from our eco conscious pupils!"