School Council and Eco Group

Bearnes' School Council
Each of these children were elected by their peers and our Academy Head, Miss Eeles. The children had to talk about why they would make a good school council member and these were the successful candidates. We are so proud of the work they are doing around school with the support of Bearnes Eco Group.
School Council are working on their response to the Champions for Change video above.
At Bearnes, the voice of all of our pupils is crucial and we ensure we listen and act.
Bearnes' Eco Group
The Eco group are a team of  children who are dedicated to making small changes to our school which will have a big impact on our environment. They educate, lead by example, raise money and make Bearnes a greener place!
Bearnes Eco Group are an enthusiastic, active group of our pupils who meet regularly to discuss ways in which our school can make a positive contribution towards caring for our environment and planet. The group are continually raising awareness of how plastic pollution has  devastating effects  on the environment and wildlife. They have helped in implementing an ethos of  Reduce, Re-use, Recycle within our school which has also impacted positively within our school community. More recently they have fundraised for an Australian charity which rescues and rehabilitates animals injured in the terrrible bush fires.
Bearnes Eco Group have adopted an ethos ....."Caring today, for tomorrow.".