School's Arrangements for Support with Transfer Between Phases of Education

What are school’s arrangements for supporting pupils with special educational needs in a transfer between phases of education?
Transition is a part of life for all learners, whether that involves moving to a new class or moving to a new school. We recognise that transition is an important time for all children, but especially so for a child with SEND. Consequently, we work closely with parents, children and staff to ensure these transitions run as smoothly as possible.

Bearnes Voluntary Primary School will:

  • Pay regard to advice and information from parents and previous settings at transition points liaising as necessary to continue the use of successful strategies and approaches
  • Make arrangements for providing children with SEND or disabilities, and their parents, and young people with SEND or disabilities with advice and information about matters relating to SEND and disability
  • Develop an appropriate person-centred planning approach to all transitions between schools or key stages; the pupil and family should be at the heart of the planning process. The DAF process will support the transition process
  • Begin transition planning as early as required
  • Establish clear links with the receiving or feeder school or setting.
  • Monitor the on-going transition process, building on previous assessments and reviews
  • Carry out annual reviews through an appropriate person-centred planning processes
  • Identify aspirational key outcomes and secure appropriate provision to achieve outcomes
  • Ensure that planning and provision takes into account the pupil’s next phase of education or transition into adulthood and takes steps to prepare the pupil accordingly