Years 1 & 2 Chestnuts

Welcome to Chestnuts
We are a very friendly class, with big smiles and great personalities!

We do lots of great activities inside and outside the classroom with our teacher Mr Ansermoz and our amazing teaching assistants Ms Gratton and Ms Summerhayes. On a Monday we are taught PE by Mr Pierce. 
I would expect each child to be reading at home every day. Reading books will be changed when the child has gained a good understanding of the book.
Phonics and Reading at Bearnes Primary School.

We follow the letters and sounds phonics scheme in Oaks.

Below is an outline of how the scheme progresses through the phases and the decodable and ‘Tricky’ words taught.

We really enjoy our learning and love to deepen our understanding through real life contexts!

Chestnut Superheroes are super hard workers. We have our very own Superhero Charter that we created to show how we are being exceptional superhero learners!

We are proud of each other!

We work together!

We share our ideas!

We celebrate each others achievements!

We take care of one another!

We listen to each other.

We always give 100% and we always try our best!
We are really passionate about our learning.

If you would like to offer support in our class with one of our topic lessons or help us with our reading and writing, please speak to Mr Ansermoz, we would love if you could come and help us to reach our targets.