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Welcome from the Academy Head

Bearnes Primary School is situated in the centre of the busy market town of Newton Abbot. The quaint stone building is easily identifiable from the main street with its steep, church-like roof, while the contemporary hall facilities at the rear of the building reflect the modern day opportunities we afford the pupils of this school.

The history of the school is interesting and unique. Bearnes was conceived in 1788 by Hannah Maria Bearne, to provide an education for the poor children of the parishes of Highweek and Wolborough. Pupils were required to attend at some place of public worship; no preference would be given to children of a particular persuasion or sect of the Protestant religion. This would set the school apart from others in the area. The school still has a Trust to this day and is the only school of its kind in Devon.

The pupils of this school are encouraged to benefit from and respect the diversity of their environment, learning through educational opportunities from the locality and being involved with the community at all levels.

We have a strong ethos of self- fulfilment for the pupils of our school while of equal importance is the development of a caring and nurturing attitude to life. We endeavour to provide all children with a safe and secure environment that has high expectations and supports them to fulfil their potential.

The caring, family atmosphere fostered by the school is reflected in the way we praise, encourage and support our pupils to build their self confidence to achieve their very best. As well as providing a broad and balanced curriculum we offer exciting and creative learning experiences. We strive to recognise talents and abilities within our children and to equip them with the skills they need for life- long learning.

This is a small school which offers its pupils an individual, caring and exciting education, we endeavour to reflect the cutting edge of education and give all pupils in this extraordinary school the opportunity to make the most of their talents and qualities.

You are welcome to come and visit our school to meet the staff and pupils and get a true feeling of the warm atmosphere we work in.

Please call our Senior Administrator, Penny Young on 01626 353980 or email us on adminbearnes@thelink.academy
Tracy Hoare, Executive Academy Head