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PAWS Therapy Dog Niska

Niska is Bearnes Therapy Dog. She is an 8 year old Golden Retriever who loves nothing more than being with people. She is currently in training with PAWs Therapy Dog Training to support the mental health, wellbeing and learning of our children, staff and the wider community.

In school, Niska will often be found greeting children at the school gate.  She is particularly helpful at these times if children are finding it tricky to leave their parents and come into school.  Niska has an amazing ability to work out how children are feeling and knows when to be playful or calm and cuddly.  She has soft, curly fur which is great to stroke when you are feeling sad. 

Niska is in school two or three times a week and loves being with the children.  The children are all aware of the rules that we follow to make sure Niska stays happy and safe while she is in school.

Niska is a very important and much-loved member of the Bearnes Team.


What are the benefits of therapy dogs in school?

Physical – interaction with dogs is proven to lower blood pressure, it stimulates the senses and encourages exercise.

Emotional – spending time with the dog can lift mood, ease anxiety and provide non-judgemental comfort.

Social – dogs can teach responsibility and compassion towards others, it can improve self-confidence and it can give something to talk about with peers

Cognitive – the benefits of time spent with the dog also show in strengthening memory, problem solving skills and creativity.