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Our School - What is it like?

What is our school like?
On this page we hope you will get an idea of what our school is really like. We may look small from the outside but we have lots of space for our pupils to gain a great educational experience.
Remember if you have any queries or want any extra information please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Administrator - Penny Young on 01626 353980
Here's what our pupil's think!
''This school is amazing!'' - Charlie
''There are lots of kind teachers that look after us'' - Lexie-Mai
''Everyone at Bearnes makes you feel like you belong'' - Darsh
''Everyone has a chance to shine at Bearnes'' - Ceren
''A fun place where I feel safe'' - Isla
''I love Bearnes! It's a happy place'' - Alisha
''A giant family!'' - Alicia