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We believe that Physical Education is an important subject for developing life-long skills which can lead to a healthy active lifestyle within education and beyond. Developing an understanding of physical activity, healthy diet and health and wellbeing is imperative for students of all ages, therefore our PE curriculum has been designed give students regular Physical Education to ensure all students are physically active. We continually reinforce the importance of health and wellbeing.
The PE curriculum has also been designed to give students access to a wide range of activities over a two-year period, developing the physical skills which are required to play a variety of sports and to maximum opportunity to learn something new. We believe that a positive PE experience at school will allow students to find an activity which they love and subsequently continue to be active beyond education.
Teachers will use their excellent subject knowledge to deliver high quality Physical Education lessons which allow students to develop and implement physical skills, problem solve, analyse performance of themselves and of others, work in teams, compete and strive for personal and team development. While PE has its own set of skills applicable to different sports and activities, it also contributes to students’ learning by promoting Fundamental British Values, supporting their personal development, and improving their physical and mental wellbeing. The learning which takes place within a PE lesson also supports other curriculum subjects such as science (the human body), geography (sporting countries/Olympics), history (history of sport), ICT (video analysis), English (key vocabulary) and maths (scoring and officiating). Our PE curriculum also allows for holistic development, providing students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate attributes like resilience, dealing with success and failure (winning and losing), sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork, determination and self-awareness.
In addition to high quality PE lessons, every student will have the opportunity to represent their schools as part of an inter-school festival programme and gain experience of different activities through trips and visits. We also aim to increase participation in sport and physical activity through regular opportunity to attend extracurricular clubs. There are multiple opportunities each week for students to participate to further develop their skills and understanding and to increase their amount of physical activity.