Our Staff

  • Alice Eeles

    Academy Head - Designated Safeguarding Officer

  • Tracy Clarke

    Yr 5/6 (Redwoods) Teacher, Senior Teacher and Deputy Safeguarding Officer

  • Becky Hawling

    Yr 3/4 (Sycamores) Teacher, Senior Teacher and SENDCo

  • Lucy Minifie

    Yr 3/4 (Sycamores) Teacher

  • Luke Ansermoz

    Yr 1/2 (Chestnuts) Teacher

  • Kelly Yeo

    Reception Teacher and EYFS Leader

  • Pinar Seddon

    Pre School Leader

  • Penny Young

    Senior Administrator

  • Joyce Hayes


  • Becky Humphreys

    Inclusion Hub Manager

  • Matt Tanner

    PE Teacher

  • Helena Malpas

    PPA Teacher

  • Barbara Sutton


  • Jenny Fraser


  • Laura Gratton

    Teaching Assistant

  • Michele Robbins

    Teaching Assistant

  • Sarah Rutherford

    Teaching Assistant

  • Sophie Summerhayes

    Teaching Assistant

  • Viv Taylor

    School Counsellor

  • Carolyn Gayle

    Site Manager, Breakfast Club and Lunch Assistant and Cleaner

  • Marian Woolridge


  • Amanda Connaire

    Kitchen Manager