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Maths at Bearnes

Our core purpose is to equip all pupils with the skills and confidence to develop their mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning in preparation for assessment (including statutory testing), further education and life beyond. Children are encouraged to develop curiosity about number and embrace the mathematics that surrounds them each day in a variety of contexts that have meaningful connections to real life, including links with other curriculum subjects. We offer opportunities for children to develop understanding and mathematical articulacy through a cohesive progression of learning across the school in order to maximise their depth of learning.
Children should be able to demonstrate a deep conceptual understanding of an area of maths and build on this over time, as well as establishing a secure knowledge of key number facts to allow them to become efficient mathematicians. Mathematics at The Link Academy Trust is an opportunity for pupils to take risks, challenge themselves and work both independently and collaboratively towards solving problems.
Children will develop concise and accurate vocabulary in mathematics through consistent modelling by teachers and high expectations for the pupils. Our ‘learning powers’ (resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflectiveness) are evident throughout mathematics in The Link Academy Trust. Alongside this, we promote growth mindset and ensure all children feel empowered to achieve. This supports our children to develop self-confidence when faced with mathematical challenges, allowing them to embrace mistakes as part of the learning process and in turn value the importance of effort. We strive to accelerate progress and improve outcomes for all of our pupils each year.
Here are some examples of our Redwoods class applying their maths learning to puzzles, games, challenges and investigations from https://nrich.maths.org/ to help deepen their understanding of the concepts and develop mastery of the content.