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Phonics at Bearnes

Phonics at Bearnes
At Bearnes, we understand the importance reading ability has on every pupils journey through education and life. With this at the forefront of our minds, we have designed a high quality, robust and systematic approach to our phonics teaching.
The core elements of our phonics teaching programme stem from Bug Club Phonics, due to its systematic and synthetic approach to phonics teaching. Every pupil, at Bearnes, receives high quality phonics teaching that helps our pupils develop their reading, writing, spelling and those most important communication skills. The key skills developed during a pupils early stages of education at Bearnes enables them to feel confident to read fluently. Our approach means that every pupil receives targeted and high quality support as they embark on their early reading journey.   


  • To teach our pupils aural discrimination, phonemic awareness and rhyme awareness to support in the application of reading and writing.
  • To encourage repetition and consolidation, so that decoding and the skills of segmenting and blending are automatic and aid reading fluidity. 
  • To learn to read and write all 44 graphemes in the English language.
  • To learn specific strategies to help pupils remember common exception words.
  • To apply their phonic knowledge across all curriculum areas.
 Phonics schedule of teaching and assessment 2023 - 2024
Early Reading Journey 2023 - 2024